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Tek Chok Ling Updates

8 May 2015
Dear friends,

We have heard from friends, both at Tek Chok Ling and in Boudha, that many things are returning to "normal": most shops are open, services such as buses and garbage pickup have begun again, food and water are available, people are back at work, young men are hanging out playing their guitars. The government cancelled school for the month of May.


Rinpoche has returned to his quarters during the day and is coming down to the dining room to sleep at nights. Most Tek Chok Ling nuns are now sleeping indoors. The other day, there was a sudden, heavy hail which lasted some ten minutes. The young anis had fun picking up the ice. 


Every morning Rinpoche comes to the shrine room while the nuns perform the Tara puja. He also enjoys going for small walks during the day.

Ani Yeshe and two other nuns from Drubdey Nunnery (Bhutan) arrived yesterday.

They again invited Rinpoche to Bhutan but we hear that Rinpoche continues to say he doesn't want to go anywhere.

The nuns continue to help out the communities around Boudha, providing food and tents as they can. Yesterday Ani Jampa and Ani Yeshe, together with a group of nuns went out to distribute cloths and foods to some people who have not got help from the Nepali government.

The worst hit areas are, as we know, in the mountains. Three days ago, Deden Palmo, a student of Lama Shenpen, returned from her retreat near the Guru Rinpoche cave in Yolmo. After an extremely challenging descent down from the mountains she safely arrived at Tek Chok Ling. She said that the people there are picking up the pieces of their lives and starting to rebuild their homes. They have good water and food from the harvest. They have tarps to use for shelter that they salvaged after the quake. Two local people died but a helicopter came to rescue injured people the day after the quake. She also said that people in the community have such faith in the teachings and find support in each other. They are also very resilient. However, they will need a lot of support, not just for now, but into the future - they are worried about their livelihood - how to earn enough money to rebuild and purchase animals, seed, supplies for farming etc.


We hear that Tsepak and seven nuns have gone up to Yolmo with supplies, including 100 tents. The nuns will stay there for about five days to work on clearing the rubble of the retreat center. Tsepak is back now so we'll be able to give you an update and assessment of things there soon. 

The recovery period is going to be long and slow. Thank you all who have given generously! Please continue to spread the word - together we can help Tek Chok Ling and their Yolmo community.


Anyone having trouble using Marpa Foundation's online donation form should contact Elizabeth. The high security features of the site seem to be blocking some users; Elizabeth can help you with that.


As a reminder, if you wish to contribute to Tek Chok Ling's earthquake recovery (which includes its Yolmo retreat facility and the nearby Yolmo community), you can donate to:

  • Marpa Foundation's Tek Chok Ling Earthquake Relief Fund
  • Marpa Poland's MahaKaruna for Nepal
  • in Canada to Projet Sahle O, 890 rg St-Jacques, Ste-Sophie-de-Lévrard, Qc. G0X 3C0 - Phone number: 819-475-9059. email Diane Denis (
  • Marpa Verein in Germany. Jobst and Dorothee Koss ( have informed us that German and French donors who wish to receive tax-exempt receipts, may donate to Marpa Verein. To donate through Marpa Verein, please use the following bank details and name your donation "Helping program":
    Bank: Kreissparkasse Muenchen Starnberg
    Account number: 5207436
    BLZ: 70250150
    IBAN: DE14 7025 0150 0005 2074 36
  • In Holland, you can make your donation to Shambhala Netherlands. For a long time Shambhala Netherlands has been collecting funds for Khenpo Rinpoche's projects. Payments will be tax deductible in the Netherlands. Information: Shambhala Nederland IBAN: NL83 TRIO 0784 9120 68 Swift: TRIONL2U. Reference: KTGR Nepal.


with love and best wishes,

Elizabeth and Claudine

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